2021 Q1 Reflections

At this time last year, we were all learning the realities of COVID-19 and shutting down the global economy. Now multiple vaccines are being rolled out and we are restarting the economy; this is fantastic and welcome news for everyone.

As IERG members, we have all had to cope during this very difficult and challenging time while continuing to provide and support activity within IERG to engage, help and network across the organization. Here are a few recent IERG highlights:

  • Chapters
    • Rajeswari (Raji) Ramanan has been confirmed as the Chair of the IERG New York Chapter. She brings immense experience, talent and energy and is sure to make the New York Chapter meetings engaging. Please reach out and congratulate Raji.
    • Fred Suarez has done a magnificent job of running the Florida chapter and the entire chapter council. Under Fred’s leadership, the chapters are adjusting and holding educational and networking meetings over Zoom and other collaboration platforms. If you think your location could use a local chapter to help network locally, and you wish to volunteer, please contact Fred directly. ([email protected])
    • Upcoming Chapter Events – Open to all members (iergonline.org -details & registration)
      • March 23rd, Florida Chapter:  Dr. Donna Shalala, “Key Factors Affecting the Future of US Global Leadership”
      • March 25th, Virtual Chapter:  Bill Edwards, “Helping Companies Expand Through International Franchising”
      • April 9th, Virtual Chapter:  Sip & Share informal networking events
      • April 13th, Chicago Chapter: Michael Jenkins, “Expert Humans - Critical Leadership Skills For A Disrupted World”
    • The Chapter Council is starting to plan for in-person chapter meetings once again, perhaps starting in Q3. If you have ideas for topics or how to engage safely, please contact your chapter chair or Fred Suarez.
  • IERG Member Services
    • Career Advancement Program (CAP): This structured course is a great membership benefit. CAP strives to help all members, including those in transition, with career advancement skills and tactics. CAP co-chairs Betty Flasch, Raji Ramanan and Simon Turner have added structure and content to the CAP. If you have not engaged with the CAP, you may be missing out. For the current course offering, the next meeting is April 1st 2021. Registration: iergonline.org  (under section “Career Advancement Program”). 
    • The leads program enables members to publish leads or position solicitations is very active. If you want to receive notifications please ensure you have selected the list membership in your profile. It is an opt-in list. Similarly, if you have leads that others may benefit from please publish on the leads email list (from your member profile see the E-lists under the “My Features” tab).
    • There are many other IERG lists that you may consider joining, such as requests (for help or input), or other initiatives of chapters you would like to receive notifications from. Opt-in from your member profile see the E-lists under the “My Features” tab).
    • IERG Global Leadership Series Webinar Program:  This program provides high quality educational programming and is growing rapidly in attendance, reach and notoriety as we bring in renowned global experts to speak on key topics in the world today, reinforcing IERG as a global thought leader.  If you have ideas for a topic and presenter, from any location – please contact Shay Coker [email protected]
    • IERG Global Business leader Certification: Your IERG certification is a prized acknowledgement of your capabilities and achievements that increase your resume credentials and help you stand out in job search. Please apply for senior levels of GBL Certification. For more information, contact Alejandro Infante, leader of the GBL certification committee ([email protected]).
    • IERG Connect Newsletter: As well as leading the Connecticut Chapter, Peter Wrampe, together with Ruth Bardos have done an exemplary job compiling and publishing the IERG Connect Newsletter. It has a wealth of information, and is a great forum for you to introduce yourself to the rest of the membership. If you have any content to share, please contact Peter Wrampe ([email protected]).
  • Leadership
    • Dan Austin, ex VP MasterCard and COO American Express LATAM, has joined the IERG Board of Directors. One of Dan’s many skills is customer engagement. He will be applying this to help grow the IERG. Please welcome Dan.
    • Betty Flasch and Tom Dale have been serving and providing leadership on the IERG Board of Directors and have been re-elected to serve new terms.
    • IERG has a number of initiatives that enhance membership value. In the coming weeks, the status of many of these initiatives will be posted to the IERG website.
    • All IERG members agree to and sign the Member Credo that is currently being updated. If you have any suggestions for the credo, please let me know.

As you can see, the IERG Board has worked quite hard for the membership, focusing on continuing to increase member value and enabling initiatives for education, networking, transition, career growth, global business leader certification, and professional development. You too can benefit by providing Leadership through mentoring, codifying and implementing best practices, authoring position papers, engaging, sharing knowledge and working on initiatives.

We have today the strongest and most active Board of Directors and Leadership Team in our history, bound together by a core set of operating values dedicated to enhance member value, involvement, caliber and range as well as the long term plan and vision for IERG. Further details are at https://ierg.memberclicks.net/ierg-leadership.

We have done well this past year in spite of the challenges we have all faced. Our membership has remained steady, which is remarkable with social distancing. I am very excited about the future. The IERG has an incredibly important role to play to help our members succeed in our truly global world.

Please invite your colleagues to join IERG, so they too can mutually benefit our members.

It’s great that we have officially said good bye to winter, wishing you a very happy spring.

Waseem Naqvi
President and Chair, IERG

Updated 3.22.21



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