Why work with IERG to source Board Members?  

"IERG Board of Director Resourcing” provides IERG Corporate members with access to a global network of highly accomplished international executives to fill Board roles. We match, screen and vet eligible members to meet your specific needs. The IERG Vetting Committee are all experienced Board Members themselves.

Our Member Value Proposition 

Know-how of global markets is the unifying force that ties IERG members together. IERG executive members are C-level executives and have considerable global expertise in one or more industry sectors, functions, disciplines, and geographies. They are often multi-lingual and served in a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs across all major industries and company sizes.

IERG’s prospective Board candidates can translate opportunities from logistical, theoretical, and cultural perspectives. Our members understand the skill set required to meet the modern demands of a highly interconnected, competitive world.

As business activities today are increasingly global, there is no better source for Board candidates with the current and hard-to-find knowledge, global expertise and professional networks across multiple geographies than within IERG.

Matching and Vetting Board Candidates 

IERG Board of Director Resourcing provides a mediated platform to match and vet prospective board candidates. By listing Board of Director openings with IERG, Corporate members will have potential Board candidate qualifications and criteria matched with Executive members. Our members are all vetted by the IERG Board when joining, ensuring membership quality.

The vetting process includes comprehensive matching of corporate needs with prospective board members’ experience. Prospective board candidates who match the corporate requirements will then undergo a detailed assessment.  The IERG Vetting Committee will then interview qualifying candidates and submit up to three vetted candidates for the open board position.

What makes our vetting process unique is the fact Board candidates are vetted by IERG Board members, all with extensive international experience themselves.

Fees, Terms, and Conditions 

  • The Board Resourcing service is available to paid-up corporate members
  • We charge $1,000 per vetted candidate we introduce to a Corporate Member. Our fees include the full assessment, including a detailed assessment report, on each candidate
  • Fees are due on written acceptance by the Corporate Member of each Board Candidate introduced
  • Any fees incurred by the Corporate Member for interviewing a Board Candidate are to be borne directly by the Corporate Member.


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