Assessment of Board Effectiveness™

A Rigorous, Research-Based Assessment for Boards of Directors
Provided in Partnership with Inventive Talent Consulting

Does your governing Board of Directors provide optimal value for your firm?  Some Boards do contribute significant value.  Operating as high-functioning teams, those Boards help shape organizational strategy, plan for and mitigate risks, and actively engage in the development of a talent management pipeline for the firm.  Many Boards, however, are largely ceremonial, spend an inordinate amount of time tracking lagging performance indicators, and focus excessively compliance issues.

You can gain insight into your Board’s strengths and developmental opportunities with IERG’s Assessment of Board Effectiveness™.  The rigorous, research-based assessment is administered to all Directors to yield information about three key factors that predict Board effectiveness:

  1. Team Capabilities and Composition
  2. Focus and Priorities
  3. Team Dynamics

The IERG Assessment of Board Effectiveness™ is comprehensive but takes less than an hour to complete.  Each Director receives a unique link to complete an online survey consisting of 45 items to assess the Board as a team.  Additionally, each Director completes a self-rating and rating of peers on 30 key Director Competencies.

The IERG Assessment of Board Effectiveness™ is provided in partnership with Inventive Talent Consulting.  Assessment results are presented onsite by Kim Ruyle, President of Inventive Talent.  Ruyle is former VP of Research & Development for Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting and currently a Master Associate in Korn Ferry’s Global Associate Network.  Over his 30-year career, Ruyle has worked with dozens of senior leadership teams in leading global organizations.  He personally delivers assessment results and facilitates a guided discussion to explore opportunities to enhance board effectiveness.  In addition, each Director receives a confidential, individualized 180-degree assessment on key competencies.


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