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Dealing in a global economy, IERG offers a unique resource of people who can translate opportunities from a logistical, theoretical, and cultural perspective. 

IERG is an organization of and for international executives who have the shared experience of living and doing business in an unfamiliar country. We join together around the world to enrich our talents and knowledge, build our global contacts, expand our base of referrals, and grow our professional opportunities.

Benefits include excellent leadership programs, business leads & advice, chapter level events with distinguished guest speakers and access to a network of highly accomplished 'C' level global business leaders.                                                                                                                                               
Membership offers opportunities to:


  • Access current and hard-to-find information to grow your business, increase career opportunities, or augment your global portfolio of knowledge
  • Learn tips on global trade, international business etiquette, and formal customs via a cadre of webinars, seminars, and live events
  • Develop client relationships across geographies who need the expertise of helpful colleagues around the world


  • Share best practices with a global audience eager to enhance their skills
  • Lead others into new relationships with global recruiters and employers, all looking to unite with talent needed for a unique global workforce
  • Build strong and meaningful relationships with other globally minded individuals who 'get' you, your experience, and your contributions.


  • Network with a unique resource of executives who have 'been there / done that' almost anywhere in the world
  • Participate in local chapter events held throughout the world as well as select Special Interest Groups of varying and interesting topics
  • Contact individuals in industries, functions, and regions who can assist you in your executive job search or desire to grow your business 

Get Certified

  • Earn certification in achievement of standards for global expertise, leadership and knowledge. 


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