Launching at White & Case Law Firm in Miami

Ambassador Marcela Celorio the founder of Polidore recently launched "BRIDGING CULTURES THROUGH CIVIC AWARENESS” held at the White & Case Attorney Miami offices who sponsored the event. Ambassador Celorio brought together celebrities, including Latin American consular leaders, police officials, and potential donors who believe in Polidore’s objective to support incoming immigrants and their communities on how to act and abide by US laws.
Ambassador Celorio is an experienced professional in intergovernmental relations, international negotiations, strategic analysis, diplomacy, and communications channel management. She represented her country in 9 different cities, across Europe, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere. Originally from Mexico and with dual Mexic0/Spain citizenship is fluent in Spanish and English and knows a bit of French, Italian, and Hebrew.

IERG Members pictured: Ambassador Marcela Celorio and Polidore 
Board Member Steve Harwood at White & Case Attorney Miami offices 

Polidore, champions the diverse talents within immigrant communities, recognizing their inherent value in enriching society. Their mission goes beyond assisting immigrants, Polidore is dedicated to empowering immigrants with the tools and opportunities needed for success. Through a holistic approach centered on rights, responsibilities, and empowerment, Polidore strives to unlock the individual potential of every immigrant. With contribution and support they can foster a more inclusive society where diversity is celebrated as a source of strength, more knowledge and to develop future active citizens.

Polidore social outreach to immigrants

Ambassador Marcela Celorio focus is to enable immigrants to explore new opportunities and strive to achieve their personal goals that will help them to better adapt, gain acceptance, and feel a sense of belonging in the American community and in the process, overcome discrimination.
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